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Argumentative Essays was established to help students who need assistance with their essays and coursework. We provide comprehensive and end to end solutions to all types of essays and other academic requirements.

At Argumentative Essays, we strive to meet all kinds of academic requirements and hence have writers who have specialized in all many types of coursework.

Our services include, but are not limited to -

  • Argumentative / Persuasive Essays - Usually the toughest to accomplish well, they require concrete rationale and logic to persuade the reader about a point of view. To convince someone successfully about your thoughts is not an easy task. This requires you to not just have a strong and clear opinion, but the art of being able to convince the reader of your opinion and make the reader change his beliefs and become a believer of what you are saying.
  • Admission Essays- Institutions use this type of essay as a means to understand the kind of person you are. This essay has the potential to give you an edge over other candidates and can contribute highly to your selection. This essay not only gives the reader an insight into your personality, but also helps them know your writing skills and your ability to organize things.
  • Descriptive Essays - This is characterized by detailed description of a topic. A good descriptive essay uses many tools of description like connotative and denotative languages and similes and metaphors.
  • Reflective Essays - These essays involve intense exploration and reflection of a topic. You need to reflect on the topic and convey your thoughts in such a manner that the reader is shown a new way of looking at the topic.
  • Evaluation Essays - In this, you evaluate the topic and present your opinion and argument in a  well balanced and structured manner. You need to substantiate what you write and should provide a secure closure to the essay by writing a good conclusion.
  • Exemplification Essays - In this, a generalization is chosen as the topic and many strong examples and instances are provided as support materials to justify and back up the generalization.
  • Dialectic Essays - Generally used in philosophy, you need to make your theses and arguments and then make a counterargument to your argument. This series is repeated many times.
  • History Essay / Thesis Essay - This includes recount and reproduction of one or more historical events or incidents.
  • Comparative / Contrast Essays - This involves clear comparison of the similarities and the differences you find relevant to the topic of you have chosen. A well written comparison essay starts with focusing on the minor similarities and differences and then moves on to focus on the more significant ones.
  • Narrative Essays - This includes narrating memories that we have and can get complicated since we have many memories and to pick out the relevant ones and pen them down interestingly can be a tough task.
  • Cause and effect essays - These require you to clearly mention the cause and the effect created by it in a particular situation. This requires you to have a logical thinking so that you can elucidate the effect and how the cause contributed to it well.
  • Classification Essays - In this, you need to clearly know the demarcation between different things and clearly classify or categorize them accordingly.
  • Critical Essays - In these essays, you are required to comprehensively understand the depths of a situation, analyse it thoroughly, weigh the pros and cons and then make decision if you would support the situation or go against it.
  • Deductive Essays - These test the reasoning you have since you need to deduce or conclude the solution of a problem. These essays are used to test your knowledge on the particular topic.
  • Definition Essays - These focus on various meanings and definitions of terms. Some terms are easy to define but some can not be rigidly defined, such as, faith, honor or integrity. Such essays depend on how you perceive these feelings.
  • Exploratory Essays - To write this, you should be able to keep your mind open and explore the various viewpoints that can be present about a particular incident. This can get tough since you starts writing without knowing where this will lead you or what you will conclude.
  • Expository Essays - They present in detail the proceedings of an incident. This requires to dissect the event and focus on the intricacies without giving a biased opinion.
  • Informal Essays - This essay is written in an informal method and offers a casual and relaxed point of view, Nevertheless, in no way should a good informal essay lose its structure and flow.
  • Personal Essays - This kind of essay gives an insight to the reader about who you are as a person. Your selection into the institution will depend on how they perceive you, by what is written in your essay and thus, to write this essay tactfully is very essential.
  • Research Essays - The best way to do this is by using a original thesis.
  • Scholarship Essays - These are similar to personal essays and should give the reader an idea about who you are. It should not only be written professionally, but also should convey a meaningful opinion about you.

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